How to clean your airpods?

How to clean your airpods? - Matjrna


For a start, if you have in-ear headphones then these are designed to fit fairly far into your ears, this means more likely than not they are picking up ear wax.

Next, you most likely carry your earbuds around in your pocket and bag, this means the case usually picks up a load of lint and other things.

Cleaning your earbuds is not only good for cleanliness but could also benefit the sound quality, I personally had the first generation Apple AirPods and found that after about 6 months the left one was considerably quieter than the right. After Apple replaced them a few times I found out on Reddit it was purely because some wax had worked its way into the grill and caused it to block the sound coming out.

How often should you clean earbuds?

I mean if you are like me and you use them daily at work, then you’re going to best cleaning them once a week to ensure that they remain nice and clean. However if you notice that they look a little grubby before that you might want to switch up to twice a week.

If you wear them when you go for a run or to the gym, then it’s worth giving them a clean after this to remove any moisture and sweat. You should also clean them regularly during summer when you generally sweat a bit more and your ears also produce more wax.

Cleaning your Earbuds

Now when it comes to cleaning your earbuds you might have tried to do this with cotton wool, or even just a bit of tissue, the issue with this is you’ll soon notice that you are not able to get into all the little corners of the earbuds.

That’s where this Olixar earbuds cleaning kit has you covered. It includes these incredibly thin toothpicks with a little cotton wool on the end to ensure you don’t damage your earbuds.

Also included in the kit is a microfibre cloth, some cleaning wipes to loosen any dirt, and these brushes that are great for cleaning the case of the headphones out.

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